Share What You Know! Call for Cemetery Stories

I’m usually the weird girl talking about cemeteries because I find myself endlessly fascinated by what other people know.  Everyone seems to have a ghost story or some kind of interest in the dead. Let me know if you have something to tell! It doesn’t have to be lengthy. 300-500 words and few pictures will do. Or if you’ve heard about something to explore we could collaborate on a research project. I’m down for anything. Just don’t plagiarize and if it’s a narrative it must have happened to you. Tell us about your childhood haunted house or the cemetery near where you live. I hope to hear from you!

Submit to*IMG_4060.jpg(Even Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, liked cemeteries. I discovered this photo taken by Lewis in a book published posthumously about his forgotten photography career. Circa 1850 Oxford, UK. Available here.)

*Editing rights reserved.

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