dead famous: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol (born Andrew Warhola; 1928-1987) is one of Pittsburgh’s most notable natives. Celebrated throughout the region in various structures and monuments, his gravesite is no exception.

Many visitors make the pilgrimage to St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery, a tiny burial ground just outside of Pittsburgh in Bethel Park, PA to see Warhol’s humble remains.

Warhol’s parents, Julia and Andrew (Warhola) are also buried there:IMG_2133.jpgMementos like these Campbell’s soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles are left in homage to the artist.

The grave has been featured in many documentaries and art pieces, so I thought a post honoring Warhol with some quick facts would be fitting:

  • Warhol regularly attended a Byzantine Catholic Church, which is represented by the  Suppedaneum cross adorning the top of his headstone.
  • The official funeral took place on February 27, 1987 at Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Warhol’s body was taken from New York City by his brothers to be laid to rest on the family plot.
  • For the open-coffin ceremony Warhol was wearing a black cashmere suit, a paisley tie, his famous platinum wig, and sunglasses. He was posed in a solid bronze casket holding a small prayer book and a red rose.
  • Warhol had a bit of a thing for death himself: Many beloved pieces from the 60s are actually from his Death and Disaster series, which features images like electric chairs and fatal car crashes in his distinctive style. In fact, Marilyn Monroe did not become a subject of interest for Warhol until after her untimely demise in 1962.
  • You can creep on Warhol’s grave 24/7 by visiting
The trip to Bethel Park is worth it. The whole place is about as small and quaint as it gets.IMG_2124.jpg


IMG_2131.jpgMy favorite bag felt right at home:IMG_2121.jpg

IMG_2136.jpg(credits//author and photography by Alysen Wade. Please do not use photographs without permission)

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